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Workvivo Launches in the Zoom Client – An Inflection Point Leap for Zoom

You can now use Workvivo in the Zoom client, a paradigm shift for Zoom that dramatically expands and enhances their value to enterprise customers.

Workvivo represents the pinnacle of the partner opportunity described in this previous blog about the Zoom channel ecosystem.

Not only were they invested in by Zoom but have also now been wholly acquired by them too, and most critically as they announce here the product is now fully integrated into the Zoom client.

Workvivo provides remote teams with a robust communication platform that facilitates real-time collaboration. With features like instant messaging, video conferencing, and virtual meeting rooms, team members can easily connect and communicate regardless of their physical location.

Those features are now natively integrated into the Zoom app, and this is of course a huge advance for Workvivo but actually it’s a strategically important development and inflection point for the Zoom behemoth too.

Paradigm Shift

Although Zoom dominates the video conferencing sector it is something of a commodity now and so they were exposed to some form of disruptive newcomer that changes the paradigm somehow and thus pushes them out of the market.

They’ve combated that by being the shift – Integrating enterprise social collaboration directly into the video client considerably expands the scope of functionality they are now addressing off the shelf, and in an integrated form.

Rather than trying to knit together various different apps businesses can utilize a single platform that combines social intranet and video collaboration, a paradigm shift for Zoom and it’s customers as it elevates them from a commonly available tool with many alternatives, to a strategic solution to the challenge of combining these different apps and enabling enterprises to better collaborate, easily.

As Workvivo describe in their announcement:

“One major aspect of an employee’s experience is the quality of the tools and systems that they have access to in their job. According to HBR, the effects of “toggle tax” are widespread: the average user toggles between different apps and websites nearly 1,200 times each day. That adds up to four hours a week (or five working weeks a year), which represents 9% of a user’s annual time at work.

Now that Workvivo is available in the Zoom client, the seamless authentication between both platforms means less time switching and re-orientating between tasks, leaving more room for rewarding work that gives people that all-important sense of purpose.”

This demonstrates just how powerfully symbiotic and large scale the opportunity is for Zoom platform partners: There is a compounding relationship where the more they can enhance the core product, the larger the pie they create for Zoom and in turn, the staggering level of revenue growth this opens up for both parties.

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