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Partner Fleet: Building Your Own Channel Marketplace Platform

Turn your partnerships into trackable revenue with a custom-built, out-of-the-box marketplace.

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Partner Fleet is a PRM provider who can help vendors build their own channel marketplace ecosystem.

Turn your partnerships into trackable revenue with a custom-built, out-of-the-box marketplace.

They enable the core strategic journey central to the ecosystem era: Evolve from a product to a Platform. Enable third-parties to build and promote apps and provide a pathway for customers to discover and engage partner solutions.

Fundamentally this is the same model operated by the hyperscalers like AWS and Azure for their Cloud marketplaces, and vendors can repeat this approach, but on a scale relevant to, and tailored for, their particular business model.

In a series of webinars they explore the further nuances and insights of implementing this strategy, such as automation and integrations.

Scaling through Automation

Automating parts of your partner program sounds great — your already lean team can get more done with set-it-and-forget-it processes.

But where do you start? There are tasks that make a ton of sense to automate, and ones you should always do manually. A good partner program combines the two.

In this expert webinar join Eddie from Partner Portal, Kenny from Partner Fleet, and Rob from Superglue as they bring their decades of automation experience to walk through this challenge and how to address it.

In this video, they covered:

– When partnerships professionals should (and should not) automate a process.
– 3 actionable walk-through demos to get you started setting up your own automations.
– How to measure the impact of your automations.

PRM Integration

In this video with Paul Bird of Magentrix, they explore integrating the marketplace with a PRM solution like Magentrix.

Why? Because it improves partner visibility while simplifying back end lead management. Essentially, it marries your front and back offices in the same way we see marketing automation integrate seamlessly with CRM. That results in:

  • Marketplace leads getting into the systems you and your partners use faster.
  • A single login for your partners, making it easy for them to manage their listings.
  • A powerful marketplace solution you can manage from your PRM.

Dive into the details in this webinar with Kenny Brown of Partner Fleet (marketplace) and Paul Bird of Magentrix (PRM). They’ll walk you through the best way to use PRM and marketplace together to maximize the results of your partner program while saving time on process.

Learn why you need an integrated PRM and marketplace, plus get a behind-the-scenes look at the integration Partner Fleet and Magentrix have built.

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