Partner Services

Growing Global Sales for Channel Partners

The core goal of the Channel Partners Network is to grow sales for our members, achieved through our collaborative platform and acceleration support services.

Build an ideal partner profile and target list of contacts.

Set up and execute engagement campaign.

Identify shared growth markets & develop GTM action plan.


Business Plan

For each member we develop a customized channel business plan, to organize your involvement in the ecosystem and execute a partner sales acceleration strategy.

Channel Model Strategy

We work with you to understand and co-develop your Go To Market strategy, identifying the best fit partner profiles and revenue model, executing and optimizing this on an ongoing basis.

Accelerator Modules

These business models and high performance selling practices can be mapped to and enabled by PRM Applications, from partner portals through affiliate schemes.

Template Channel Plan

Download the Template Channel Plan to get started.
We will then consult with you to customize this to your unique market strategy.


Digital Marketing

Engaging Potential Partners
Having developed your strategy and business model we then begin partner engagement and recruitment.

The CPN operates a powerful content marketing platform that can host compelling end-to-end promotions, including expert articles, webinars and online communities. 

We’ll devise an exciting campaign that showcases your program across multiple channels and to a targeted list of contacts, driving sign-ups and creating industry buzz.

Contact us for an initial strategy review and outline channel plan.

Channel Campaign Services

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