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Impartner MasterClass: Unlock Your Partner Ecosystem’s Potential

This insightful episode explores the keys to success in the FinTech partner program journey, and explains how to deliver best-in-class service to your partners.

In the FinTech space, the partners digital experience needs to be on-demand, with automated self-service access to in-depth sales training, product content and marketing tools, so they can sell or service solutions accurately, combined with an easy process for deal registration.

In this webinar Mike Cotton, Impartner’s EMEA Sales Director, Steve Newton, Digital Transformation Lead at Finastra, and host Trevor Burnett share insights on the partner program journey and how to provide best-in-class service to your partners:

  • Enable: Automated and on-demand partner onboarding and training.
  • Engage: Accelerate revenue with easy lead management.
  • Scale: Engage partners throughout the full lifecycle.
  • Compliance: Mitigating and managing regulations.

Partner Ecosystem Business Model of Finastra

Finastra, a leading financial technology company, operates a robust partner ecosystem business model to drive innovation and deliver comprehensive solutions to its customers. By collaborating with a diverse network of partners, Finastra enhances its product offerings and expands its market reach.

  • Strategic Partnerships: Finastra establishes strategic partnerships with other technology companies, financial institutions, and industry experts to leverage complementary strengths and capabilities.
  • Developer Community: Finastra fosters a vibrant developer community that creates custom applications and integrations using Finastra’s open APIs and development tools.
  • App Marketplace: Finastra operates an app marketplace where third-party developers can showcase and distribute their solutions to Finastra’s customer base.
  • Consulting Partners: Finastra collaborates with consulting partners to provide implementation services, training, and support to customers using Finastra’s solutions.

Benefits of Finastra’s Partner Ecosystem

By embracing a partner ecosystem business model, Finastra offers several benefits to its customers and partners:

  • Enhanced Innovation: Collaboration with partners allows Finastra to tap into a diverse pool of expertise and resources, leading to the development of innovative solutions.
  • Accelerated Time-to-Market: Partnering with third-party developers and consultants enables Finastra to quickly bring new products and services to market.
  • Expanded Product Portfolio: The partner ecosystem model enables Finastra to offer a broader range of solutions that cater to the evolving needs of the financial industry.
  • Global Reach: Through partnerships with organizations worldwide, Finastra extends its global footprint and provides localized support to customers in different regions.

In conclusion, Finastra’s partner ecosystem business model plays a crucial role in driving innovation, accelerating growth, and delivering value to customers. By collaborating with a diverse network of partners, Finastra remains at the forefront of the financial technology industry, offering cutting-edge solutions that empower financial institutions to thrive in a rapidly changing landscape.

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