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Building a Partner Ecosystem With Hubspot

Hubspot + PRM vendors enables sales organizations to build their own partner ecosystems.

Sales organizations seeking to build a partner ecosystem can call upon vendors like Hubspot plus their application partners to assemble the right digital business model for their scenario.

There are multiple permutations possible so a wide variety of different partner ecosystem models can be achieved rapidly through a modular plug and play configuration.

Hubspot-Enabled Partner Ecosystem

With the Hubspot approach the core product offers the building blocks of sales and marketing automations, which can then be enhanced with plugin apps to achieve a particular partner model functionality.

As Katherine Boyarsky explains the key category is ‘PRM’ – Partner Relationship Management, applications that provide various features for recruiting, onboarding and managing partners.  Many PRM vendors integrate with Hubspot, so that the combination offers the ideal stack for digital marketing synthesized with partner management.

With Hubspot providing this core foundation, sales organizations can then select which PRM vendor functionality best meets their channel business model objectives:

HubSpot PRM Partner Capabilities

Vendor Hubspot Integration
Allbound The Allbound Hubspot integration enables:

  • Sync partner companies, partner contacts, and partner deals – Integrating HubSpot and Allbound ensures that your CRM is the single source of truth for partner companies, contacts, and deals ensuring channel information is up-to-date and accurate.
  • Provides visibility into deals across partners – Integrating HubSpot with Allbound gives your channel managers visibility into deals and partner referral relationships from Allbound. This helps to create better visibility into indirect sales revenue and understand Return on Investment.
Crossbeam The Crossbeam Hubspot integration enables:

  • Connect HubSpot in seconds – Using your HubSpot credentials, Crossbeam can import select fields to be used in your account mapping. Compare your data with your partner’s CRM data, and have complete control over what (if any) fields they see.
  • Use HubSpot data to create Populations to share with your partner – Create Populations such as “customers”, “prospects”, and “opportunities” to compare with your partner. Find your overlapping accounts and initiate a co-selling or co-marketing motion.
  • Real-time account mapping with your partner using Reports – Create a comparison with filters using your Populations and save them as Reports. Reports provide you with an always-up-to-date look at your account mapping.
Reveal The Reveal Hubspot integration enables:

  • Enrich your HubSpot Data – Remove the blindspots in your CRM and fill in the gaps. Reveal gives you secure and compliant access to account data on your partner’s CRM and not in yours, you are able to enrich and segment your own database to have the most effective scoring, prioritization, or messaging possible.
  • Instant Account Mapping using your HubSpot Data – Say goodbye to messy spreadsheets. Safely map accounts with each partner in a few clicks and save on average 15 hours a week. Identify mutual customers, prospects, opportunities, and more. Uncover net new revenue opportunities and close more deals by looping in the right partners on the right accounts.
  • 360 View of your Ecosystem – See account overlaps across multiple companies in your ecosystem, all on one screen. Understand the total presence of your entire partner-ecosystem and how they influence your deal size, win rate, and revenue. It’s the holistic view you need to make the right business decisions and save time.
  • Better partner management – Run better pipeline review meetings with your partners by having a view of your joint opportunities and target accounts. Monitor your partner-related opportunities from A to Z and be the first to know when a deal is sourced or won through your partners’ influence. Track the total amount of pipeline that was generated with your partners.
PartnerTap The PartnerTap Hubspot integration enables:

  • Automated Account Mapping – Instantly map millions of accounts to identify your mutual overlap with each partner. Unlimited accounts. Unlimited partners.
  • Real-time Pipeline Sharing – Share deals with trusted partners and track partner pipeline as it moves through the sales cycle.
  • Channel Teams product – Source, share and track opportunities with your partners. Get the data you need to operationalize and scale-up revenue generating plays across your ecosystem.
  • Sales Teams product – Accelerate sales with the best partner(s) on each account and opportunity with real-time data and built-in co-selling functionality.
  • 100% Native Integrations – Connect, share, and see data from partners regardless of which CRM they use. Use SSO to log in to PartnerTap with your HubSpot username. No third-party tools required.
PartnerStack The PartnerStack Hubspot integration enables:

  • Flexible integrations get you up and running quickly – Simple integrations to launch and scale your program swiftly, securely, and without heavy reliance on expensive technical resources. Go live in <45 days with no hidden costs.
  • Everything you need to enable your partners to sell effectively – Make it easy for your partners to access the materials they need to succeed when they need it. Reduce activation time to first sale by automating custom onboarding, training, and co-marketing resources that can be self-served directly from the partner portal.
  • Incentivize your partners to sell more – Automate partner activation and engagement with a tiering system, challenges, and email campaigns. Set and forget long-tail partners to drive performance in a low-touch way that allows you to focus resources on your most strategic partners.
GrowthDrive The GrowthDrive Hub integration enables:

  • Generate referral codes and links for your promoters – Automatically generate referral codes and links for contacts in your HubSpot database. Share them in your newsletters, membership areas, thank you pages, blog posts and more.
  • Automatically attribute referred leads to your promoters – GrowthDrive automatically matches referred leads to your referral sources (promoters) who shared the links and codes. Promoters can also submit the leads manually via form in their partner dashboard. And also your program manager can do the attribution manually from inside of HubSpot.
  • Create and distribute rewards for successful referrals – Distribute one-time or recurring rewards to your promoters. GrowthDrive enables you to create flexible rewards structures.
  • Keep promoters engaged through incentives – Invite your active promoters into a partner dashboard. Keep them updated with relevant content, resources or special offers they can share with their audience.
  • Deep integration with HubSpot & Stripe – Enables you to build various types of highly automated incentive driven programs without coding. Referral codes can be used to automatically apply discounts on Stripe checkout. You can also sync your Stripe transactions as deals into HubSpot.
Kiflo The Kiflo Hubspot integration enables:

  • Sync partner leads – Integrating HubSpot with Kiflo ensures that your sales team won’t miss any warm leads from your Partners.
  • Provides visibility to your partners – Integrating HubSpot with Kiflo gives your partners visibility into the leads they have referred. This helps to keep them engaged and drive more revenue. The Hubspot integration enables:

  • Align payouts to value – Reduce operational overhead by automating payouts with smart, electronic contracts and only pay when a partner drives real results for your business.
  • Find and recruit new partners – Discover consultants, educators, specialist publishers, and more — and recruit them easily with automated tools. With our open platform and powerful discovery tools, you’ll have access to 7M+ potential partners of your own.
  • Track and attribute partner value – Go beyond standard reporting to identify which events partners are driving so you can measure ROI and prove the value of your partnerships channel. The Hubspot integration enables:

  • Push New Deals into HubSpot – When a partner registers a new lead, you’ll have the option to select which HubSpot pipeline the lead should push to.
  • Easy HubSpot Integration – The platform provides flexible field mapping to ensure the leads your partners send you automate correctly into your HubSpot instance.
Channeltivity The Channeltivity Hubspot integration enables:

  • Automatically push Deal Registrations into HubSpot – CRM Channeltivity’s Deal Registration integration with HubSpot automates the flow of deal data between your PRM and CRM.
  • Distribute Leads your Channel Partners from within HubSpot CRM – Send leads to your partners in Channeltivity right from within HubSpot and then keep the two systems synchronized according to your specifications. Leads can be sent in bulk or one-by-one.
  • Push Partner Referrals into HubSpot CRM – The Referral integration streamlines the flow of referral data between Channeltivity PRM and HubSpot CRM. Sync referral data with HubSpot to keep the partner in the loop on referral sales stage and commissions.
  • Partner Sync keeps Partners and Contacts in sync – The Partner Sync integration allows the two-way synchronization of Partner records and Contacts between Channeltivity and HubSpot CRM. This way, any changes to Partner or Contacts in either system will be reflected to the other system.
Impartner The Impartner Hubspot integration enables:

  • Sync Partners, Contacts, Deals and Leads – Integrating Impartner PRM and HubSpot ensures that your CRM is the single source of truth for both direct and indirect pipeline data, enabling you to resolve channel conflict.
  • Provide deal pipeline visibility to partners – Integrating HubSpot with Impartner gives your channel managers visibility into deal registrations from Impartner. This helps you resolve channel conflict by knowing what deals are being worked by partners, direct sales, or both.
Channelyze The Channelyze Hubspot integration enables:

  • Pass leads to the channel team from within HubSpot – A “create lead” custom action can be used within any HubSpot workflow to automate passing of HubSpot leads to to the channel team using Channelyze.
  • Naming of HubSpot deals – Choose how to name HubSpot deals based on a number of criteria, e.g. deal value, transacting partner, end user name and deal type.
  • Associating deal options – Choose whether to link deals to end users or the transacting partner.
  • Provide “through partner” marketing campaigns – As a vendor you can create co-branded marketing campaigns that partners can enrol into (with a single click) , thus amplifying the reach of your campaigns and increasing the leads captured.
  • Vendor product learning – Create and publish courses that help partners learn about your products.
Everflow The Everflow Hubspot integration enables:

  • Track Every Channel – Everflow’s direct linking technology starts tracking users when they reach your website (without third-party cookies), ensuring reliable tracking for partners, Google, Facebook, and everything else.
  • Pay Partners By Stage – Set a payout structure that rewards your highest quality partnerships in HubSpot and stop overspending on under-delivering partner sources.
  • Drill Down Into Your Results – See what is driving your HubSpot prospects and customers by filtering down to a granular level by partner, placement, offer, and more.
Magentrix The Magentrix Hubspot integration enables:

  • Playbooks – Make it easy for partners to access all resources they need for a specific purpose. Combine resources for them in a playbook (e.g. training a new partner can require articles, documents, and courses to be reviewed).
  • Training (LMS) – Train partners with our learning management system. Create learning paths or quizzes. Enable partners to achieve certifications, set up compliance courses or anything else you need to train them on.
  • Marketplace (or Partner Locator) – Use the Marketplace app listings as a publicly shareable directory of partner product and services. Or use it as a partner locator to find a partner nearest to your desired location.

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