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OpenAI Seeks Head of Partner Enablement, Revenue Partnerships

AI Pioneer Seeks Channel Head to Grow Partner Ecosystem That Drives Revenues and Realizes their Vision for AGI - Artificial General Intelligence.

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As described here OpenAI are seeking a Head of Partner Enablement, Revenue Partnerships.

The Revenue partnerships team is responsible for building a global, best in class partner ecosystem that makes their customers successful, supports the company’s mission of reaching AGI, and impacts revenue growth.

Partnerships are central to OpenAI’s growth ambitions. This includes their Data Partnerships program, their $175m startup fund, and strategic alliances with industry giants such as Microsoft.

The primary goals and responsibilities of the Head of Partner Enablement is to develop and oversee the implementation of comprehensive training programs, resources, and tools to accelerate partner onboarding, education, and sales effectiveness, such that partners deliver the vision and value of OpenAI’s platform and products to customers.

Enterprise AI Innovations

The AI Expert Network provides excellent examples of what these customer scenarios can look like: Le Monde’s Partnership with OpenAI is Shaping Journalism, and Bain & Company’s Partnership with OpenAI.

Bain’s team of 18,000 knowledge workers had already been using OpenAI technologies for their internal knowledge management systems, and further incorporated the AI tools into their client offerings to enable customers to power new digital initiatives. This included Coca-Cola, who utilized ChatGPT and DALL·E to enhance its brands, marketing, and customer experiences, and Carrefour who developed an AI-powered shopping assistant chatbot, enriched product description sheets, and an AI tool to improve procurement processes.

Le Monde granted OpenAI access to its extensive corpus of articles, enabling the AI to refine its learning models with high-quality, authoritative journalistic content.

Furthermore, Le Monde embraced the opportunity to leverage OpenAI’s cutting-edge technologies for its own developmental projects, pushing the boundaries of traditional journalism into the realm of AI-enhanced capabilities, leveraging innovative AI projects like translations and audio versions of articles to attract new readers and subscribers, including younger demographics and non-French speakers.

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