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Operator Connect: Partner Solutions to Enable Telco-Integrated Microsoft Teams Services

Operators can develop a deeper and more strategic relationship that takes Teams Phone to the next level by delivering higher-quality calling experiences to customers.

A core component of the Microsoft UCCaaS strategy is ‘Operator Connect’.

Operator Connect enables service providers to offer deeper integration into the Teams platform to enhance and streamline the Teams Phone experience around networking, provisioning, management, and reporting.

It enables businesses to directly connect their telecommunication providers to Microsoft Teams, allowing for seamless communication and collaboration within the Teams environment.

Through this partnership, Microsoft and operators can develop a deeper and more strategic relationship that takes Teams Phone to the next level by delivering higher-quality calling experiences to customers.

Teams Phone Operator Connect Mobile

With Operator Connect, businesses can leverage their existing telecommunication services while enjoying the benefits of Microsoft Teams. This eliminates the need for additional third-party applications or complex integrations, streamlining communication processes.

As this Microsoft Mechanics presentation demonstrates, the Teams Phone Operator Connect Mobile service is an industry first that lets you use a single SIM-enabled mobile phone number across your company provided mobile, desk phone, and Microsoft Teams.

Mahendra Sekaran, VP of Program Management for Microsoft Teams, joins Jeremy Chapman to share the quick admin steps to set up the first fixed mobile convergence productivity solution for business. This is enterprise-grade security and consistent call quality as you move between mobile voice and data networks.

  • Instead of two business numbers, use and pay for just one SIM-enabled mobile number.
  • Uplift from a voice-only call to a Teams call. Add video, people, and share content.
  • As an admin, assign a SIM-enabled phone number to your employees, set policies for enterprise-grade security.

Partner Services and Solutions

The Operator Connect channel partner program provides an opportunity for telecommunication providers to offer their services directly within the Microsoft Teams platform. By becoming a channel partner, providers can expand their reach and tap into the vast user base of Teams.

Service providers like Verizon are leveraging the operator integrations to offer a fully integrated suite of Unified Communications and Collaboration capabilities, and marketing this via a powerful theme of enabling The Future of Work.

Vendors and integrators that offer Operator Connect services and solutions include:


NUWAVE’s turnkey partner model takes the guesswork out of starting a MS Teams PSTN Network, and enables partners & operators with all the tools and resources needed to begin offering Teams Voice as a Service or product.


Sinch powers meaningful conversations between businesses and their customers through its Customer Communications Cloud, offers professional and managed services for Microsoft Teams Phone System, integrated with Operator Connect or Direct Routing through a partnership with Synoptek, a leading global business and digital transformation advisory and consulting firm and Microsoft Gold partner. Read more in their ebook guide to Operator Connect.

Ribbon Communications

Ribbon offers Ribbon Connect for Operator Connect takes the complexity out of the integration process required to deliver telecom services to Microsoft Teams customers, accelerating the time to market and eliminating the need for providers to initiate significant IT programs. Ribbon Connect also provides web portals and automated workflows that make it easier for businesses to get engaged with a provider and deploy telecom services.

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