Nuwave Communications

Nuwave Communications is a leading provider of Unified Communication solutions, specializing in cloud-based services.

NUWAVE’s turnkey partner model takes the guesswork out of starting a MS Teams PSTN Network, and enables partners & operators with all the tools and resources needed to begin offering Teams Voice as a Service or product.

Their flagship product, iPILOT, is a powerful SaaS platform that enables carriers and partners to deliver global Microsoft Teams and Zoom Voice services with ease. iPILOT is a cloud-based platform that delivers comprehensive provisioning and lifecycle management capabilities for Microsoft Teams Phone and Zoom Phone users.

iPILOT enables efficient deployment of Microsoft Teams Voice, Zoom Phone & SIP through quick provisioning, capacity management and analytics for enterprises, carriers, and cloud service providers.

With iPILOT customers can enjoy a seamless and efficient deployment of voice services. It automates Direct Routing and Operator Connect capabilities while providing support for carrier session border controllers (SBCs), on-premises SIP trunks, and Bring Your Own Carrier options for carriers and operators.

Recently they launched Constellation, an alliance between NUWAVE and Allendevaux, providing iPILOT partners and their customers access to a full-service cybersecurity offering. This includes ISO implementations, Audit, DPaaS, and Incident management to protect against the latest security and compliance requirements.

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Las Vegas, Nevada 89123, United States
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