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VDI as a Key Component Part of an Azure MSP Business Builder Strategy

Virtual Desktops is a foundation product to include in an Azure MSP market strategy.

VDI is an ideal component for an overall Azure MSP strategy, where partners help customers migrate the entirety of their IT estate to the Cloud, a journey Microsoft addresses through their Migration and Modernization Program.

The MSP Business Builder accelerator program is for existing MSPs and also for those wishing to start new businesses.

The overall theme is ‘Growing a Hyperscale Managed Service Provider’ – Enable MSPs to massively grow their business by tapping into and aligning services that harness the exponential scaling of Cloud computing.

Nerdio – Platform for Growing an Azure MSP Business

Vendors like Nerdio offer an accelerating platform for expanding into this strategy.

This includes VDI tools such as automated VDI image management, one of the most important and complex tasks in Azure VDI. This allows AVD admins to automatically activate a staged image after a preset number of days while retaining the old image as a backup (or not) to easily revert back to, and Staging allows admins to test newly updated images before deploying them into production.

Furthermore Nerdio is positioning themselves to enable partners to expand into the broader suite of Microsoft services.

They’re expanding beyond virtual desktops and going more into holistic endpoint management, application management, security and other cloud workloads to create a unified cloud management platform for an MSP to build their entire practice on top, as well as moving beyond Azure and infrastructure to Intune, and building in identity management, security and Microsoft 365 management.

Migrating to Azure can prove complex in terms of pricing and skills, and Nerdio helps them price cloud solutions and deploy, manage and optimize those solutions in a very easy way, utilizing auto scaling and other cost optimization technologies to ensure they’re charging the right amount.

Microsoft concentrates directly on large enterprise customers, whereas MSPs tend to service the SME segment.

This requires tooling that can support lots of small customers as opposed to one large one, and this is not a strength of the Microsoft suite. Nerdio is addressing this market gap, through their multi-tenant technology that gives MSPs the speed and efficiency to manage a lot of small customers in a very kind of cost effective and easy way.

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