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Virtual Work Infrastructure

With the pandemic-driven explosion in remote work, businesses are finding their traditional EUC infrastructure inadequate and restrictive.

Modernizing this estate to enable agile, virtual working presents a massive channel opportunity, requiring a suite of products and services that addresses:

Cloud Migration and Optimization

Design of the target Cloud environment, migration of legacy infrastructure, tailor your VDI images to the new environment and ongoing performance and cost optimization.

Devices and OS

Often a key driver for virtual desktops is a need to upgrade end user devices and operating systems. Legacy desktop applications may also need to be modernized.

Identity and Security

Design and configure Identity Access, Firewall and VPN policies, and implement end point monitoring and data protection services.

Accelerator Guide

Accelerator overview, covering the market opportunity, solution components and partner business models.

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Private workspace for partners to meet and collaborate, with e-learning courseware for sales team enablement.

Industry Insights

Growth market, product strategy and selling insights explaining the revenue opportunity for partners. 

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The global market for VDI was valued at around $14.4 billion in 2022 and is estimated to grow to $50.5 billion by 2030, at a CAGR of approximately 20.3%.
The compelling customer business case for VDI adoption and the essential feature and benefit dynamics that align to their needs. Use cases, customer journeys, ROI models and sales playbooks.
Exploring the VDI Partner model options ranging from simple reselling of DaaS providers, through full MSP platform deployment scenarios for delivering service directly.


Listings of EUC Partners who provide components
of the digital workspace solution set.

Nerdio offers a multi-tenant cloud platform to accelerate Intune, Azure Virtual Desktop, and Windows 365 deployments, and their Partnerd program accelerates channel enablement for VARs, SIs and MSPs.
Rimo3 is a comprehensive, cloud-hosted solution for modernizing and maintaining your Windows™ application estate.
Liquidware is the leader in Digital Workspace Management solutions for Windows workspaces. The company’s products encompass all facets of management to ensure the ultimate user experience across all workspaces – physical, virtual, DaaS or cloud.

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