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Podcast: How This Leading Microsoft Cloud Partner Harnesses the Partnership to Drive Success

A Top Microsoft Partner CEO Joins the Ultimate Guide to Partnering® Podcast

A Top Microsoft Partner CEO Joins the Ultimate Guide to Partnering® Podcast.

If you want to learn what the best Microsoft Partners do better than the rest, join me for this episode of Ultimate Guide to Partnering®.

Quisitive has been on a tear and highly differentiated itself by partnering with Microsoft and providing its customers with various services and capabilities.

Mike Reinhart, their CEO, and I discuss how this leading Microsoft Cloud Partner harnesses the partnership to drive success.

Quisitive has focused on creating long-term partnerships with its customers, helping them on the transformation journey toward adopting and integrating cloud technologies to achieve successful business outcomes. He believes that partnerships play a critical role in creating a competitive advantage in enabling organizations to achieve their greatest results.

What You’ll Learn

  • How Mike started in the Microsoft Ecosystem? (2:11)
  • How the shift to the cloud influenced the way Microsoft engaged partners (4:28)
  • His decision process in acquiring companies. (9:03)
  • Why do customers choose Quisitive? (13:20)
  • What are the best opportunities in the cloud? (18:06)
  • The Importance of understanding how your partner gets paid? (26:39)
  • Career Journey, Dinner Party, and Advice for 2023 (31:22)

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