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End User Computing – Disruption, Opportunities and Trends for 2024

Webinar series exploring how the VMware shockwaves will impact the channel, and the opportunities it presents for partners.

The Broadcom acquisition of VMware and subsequent divestiture of the EUC unit, twinned with the ongoing and relentless adoption of remote and virtual work, presents a dual force of disruption and opportunity in this sector.

In our webinar series we’ll be calling upon industry experts to share their views on how this disruption will roll out, and what the threats and opportunities are for the channel.

There have been major shock wave moves, such as closing down the VMware channel program, a strategy of shedding themselves of non-core business units so they can focus on the big prize of AI dominance.

VMware customers concerned about the situation may seek to shift entirely away from the whole stack, and customers are likely to look to a wholesale vendor migration, ideally shifting to a position that offers the most security under these circumstances, such as Microsoft.

Nerdio chief revenue officer Joseph Landes believes this is the case, and that Microsoft is indeed the ideal replacement, with their platform and partner program the ideal way for the channel to benefit from this transition.

While this seemed like dark times for customers and partners of VMware the acquisition and spinning out of the EUC unit may offer a silver lining and perhaps even a better future for this product range. WWT sees it that way, writing that the move will see a reinvigorated business with fresh investment into the roadmap, a hiring boom into the company and ultimately a sharper focus on the success of this particular product suite.

In particular they highlight that as a standalone unit now there is great flexibility in terms of the partner integrations they can work with, rather than being constrained by the VMware corporate desires. For example hypervisors and endpoint security platforms.

Whatever the outcome of these shifting sands the one guaranteed constant is that the demand for remote, virtual work solutions will continue to grow. These tectonic shifts will only shake out more opportunities for the channel to play an expert advisory role for these scenarios, with an ability to help customers navigate the best product roadmap of increased value to buyers.

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