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Empowering the Digital Workforce

A complete solution suite for enabling distributed remote working

Covid 19 dramatically accelerated an already growing trend of distributed remote working, driving massive demand for the applications and infrastructure required for virtual collaboration.

For enterprise organizations this requires an integrated solution suite:

Infrastructure including Virtual Desktops, Digital Identity and Cloud services.

Collaboration apps including Unified Communications and Social Intranets, such as Zoom and MS Teams.

The massive explosion in AI services in the form of Copilots that will transform office work.

Many organizations will face challenges in adopting new working models, requiring expert consulting services.

Microsoft Future of Work

Transforming the enterprise through DevOps and Power Apps.

Virtual Desktops

Cloud services for common IT requirements including virtual desktops and backups.

Market Insights

Published by the Cloud Experts, the Azure Cloud Pro provides a best practices hub and vendor solutions guide for the adoption of Microsoft Azure.

Featuring case studies of enterprise organizations like Starbucks, Pepsi and Coca Cola, we document best practices through real-world lessons learned, supported by a regular schedule of tutorials, product news and peer networking webinars.

Industry Solutions

Applying the Azure suite to specific industry use case requirements, from Government through Construction.


Our channel network provides a solution collaboration group for Azure partners and integrates their offerings throughout the site.


Digital Workspaces

A private social community and regular schedule of webinars to match and connect partners.

Solution Innovation

A structured methodology to synthesize partner products into innovative new solutions.

Marketing Campaigns

Webinars and content marketing campaigns to promote solutions and generate leads for partners.

Partner Showcase

Solutions and Market Strategies

This webinar series will bring together vendors forming the component parts of this required suite enabling solution partnering, and co-develop Go To Market strategies for those collaborations.

Business Models

Define the permutation of partner combinations required to deliver complete solutions, and the revenue and profit models for each partner.

Routes to Market

Identify the most accessible and productive channels for selling these solutions, and the marketing and sales activities required to prosecute them.

Consulting and Support

Understanding the additional support staff and workloads required to implement these solutions.

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Networking Webinars

Keynote presentations and virtual classroom tutorials with break out room networking for attendees to meet and connect.



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