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Zoom: UCCaaS Partner Opportunities

Partner and product strategies for building a Zoom-based UCCaaS practice, spanning reselling channels through ISV Platform Marketplace Apps.

Partner and product strategies for building a Zoom-based UCCaaS practice.

Zoom is naturally a key partner to consider for developing a UCCaaS market strategy, and partnerships are central to their growth strategy, with Zoom describing that they are the rocket fuel for Growth.

One of the key factors contributing to Zoom’s success is its extensive partner ecosystem, which consists of various partners offering complementary solutions to enhance the Zoom experience. Zoom can be extended through a marketplace of plugin apps, and implemented and supported through a network of partners.

In the feature video from UC Today, Mark Bunnell, Chief Operating Officer from NUWAVE and Todd Surdey, Head of Global Channels & Business Development at Zoom, explore Zoom’s Distributor Program, the Zoom Partner Opportunity and how partners can profit from using Zoom’s platform.

Furthermore in this interview Shane Speakman, Telarus VP of UCaaS, meets with Mike Hayes, Head of Americas Channels at Zoom, to explore more of the details of this strategy, and in this one Rob Scott from UC Today is joined again by Mark Bunnell and Colby Nish, Head of Zoom Phone and Contact Center Sales at Zoom, to explain what one example of these partnerships looks like.

Partners in the Zoom Ecosystem

The Zoom partner ecosystem comprises a diverse range of companies that collaborate with Zoom to provide additional functionality and integration options. These partners include:

  • Hardware Partners – Hardware partners offer a wide range of devices specifically designed to work seamlessly with Zoom. These devices include conference room cameras, microphones, speakerphones, and other audiovisual equipment. By partnering with Zoom, hardware companies ensure their products are optimized for the best possible Zoom experience.
  • Software Integration Partners – Software integration partners develop applications and tools that integrate with Zoom’s platform, allowing users to enhance their video conferencing experience. These partners offer solutions such as virtual backgrounds, transcription services, meeting room booking systems, and more. By integrating with Zoom, these software partners provide additional features and capabilities to Zoom users.
  • Service Partners – Service partners offer professional services related to Zoom implementation, training, and support. These partners help businesses and organizations effectively deploy Zoom within their infrastructure, ensuring a smooth transition and optimal utilization of the platform. Service partners also provide ongoing support and training to help users make the most of Zoom’s features.

Zoom has obviously enjoyed massive end-user adoption success, and as they mature are increasingly investing more into developing partners as key to their future growth.

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