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CCaaS: Contact Center as a Service

CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service) is a cloud-based solution that provides businesses with the tools and infrastructure to manage their contact center operations.

A key strategic dimension of the UCCaaS portfolio is the opportunity to address ‘CCaaS’ requirements.

CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service) is a cloud-based solution that provides businesses with the tools and infrastructure to manage their contact center operations.

It offers features such as automatic call distribution, interactive voice response, workforce management, and analytics. CCaaS allows organizations to handle customer interactions efficiently, improve agent productivity, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.


The critical insight is the opportunity to address contact center requirements through UC applications as the component building blocks. It used to be that this market was addressed by specialized solutions, ones quite distinct from UC and purpose built for contact centers, typically utilizing proprietary hardware and software.

A key facet of the Cloud-based UCCaaS world is that it’s a capability that can be achieved simply extending the standard products to address this use case. CX Today explores this trend, comparing Google, Zoom and MS Teams and how they are vying for emergent domination of the segment.

Benefits for Channel Partners

Cloud Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solutions have gained significant traction in the business world due to their scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. For channel partners, this presents a lucrative opportunity to offer cutting-edge communication solutions to their clients while driving revenue growth.

  • Recurring Revenue Streams: CCaaS solutions typically operate on a subscription-based model, providing channel partners with recurring revenue streams.
  • Expanded Service Offerings: By adding CCaaS solutions to their portfolio, channel partners can offer comprehensive communication services to their clients.
  • Increased Customer Retention: Providing CCaaS solutions can enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty, leading to improved customer retention rates.
  • Access to Advanced Technology: Partnering with CCaaS vendors gives channel partners access to cutting-edge technology and innovation in the contact center space.

List of Vendors Offering CCaaS Solutions

The sector is still dominated by the more established sector specialists, as the Gartner Magic Quadrant defines, listing Genesys, Five9, Cisco, 8×8 and Vonage as the leaders.

  • Five9: Five9 is a leading provider of cloud contact center software, offering a comprehensive CCaaS solution that includes omnichannel capabilities and advanced analytics.
  • Twilio: Twilio offers a flexible and scalable CCaaS platform that enables businesses to build customized contact center solutions using APIs and programmable communications.
  • Genesys: Genesys provides an AI-powered CCaaS solution that helps businesses deliver personalized customer experiences across all channels.
  • 8×8: 8×8 offers a cloud-based contact center solution that integrates voice, chat, and video communications to enhance customer interactions.
  • RingCentral: RingCentral’s CCaaS platform combines contact center capabilities with unified communications to streamline customer engagement processes.

Partnering with these reputable vendors can empower channel partners to tap into the growing demand for CCaaS solutions and drive business growth through innovative communication offerings.

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