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Nerdio empowers Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Enterprise IT Professionals to deploy, manage, and cost optimize virtual desktops in Microsoft Azure.
Nerdio Partners have the ability to hugely simplify the deployment and ongoing management of AVD, W365 and Intune, and cost optimise their customers VDI environments.
Save up to 75% on Azure costs and save up to 80% on deployment time compared to deploying virtual desktops in Azure natively without Nerdio.
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Vendor Group

A Vendor Group provides a workspace within our partner community, dedicated to the vendor's channel program.

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Product Info

Reference Architecture

Nerdio Manager's core infrastructure is comprised of a self-contained Azure application (Web App) and the associated components to support the activities and automation of this application.

Partner Solutions

Contact Centre

The Zoom solution for contact centers combines the power of video conferencing, voice calls, chat, and collaboration tools to create a seamless customer experience.

Marketplace App Builders

An especially potent aspect of the Zoom partner program is the opportunity for developers to build components that augment the core product, and thus form part of the overall solution set, a very powerful route to market and product strategy.

Video Library

The Nerdio Virtual Desktop playlist covers getting started, technology practices, pricing and cost optimization, troubleshooting and much more…

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