MSP Business Builders

MSP Business Builders provides a complete growth support program for Managed Service Providers.

The program offers business advisory support, enabling technologies and integrated partner accelerators.

MSP Platform Architecture

An Automation Platform that facilitates hyper-scale growth, enabling MSPs to provision services across multiple Clouds, manage, support and bill for them.

Service Catalogue

A catalogue of services tailored for MSPs to add to their portfolio, with GTM support including sales training, marketing and co-selling.

Accelerator Guide

Accelerator overview, covering the market opportunity, solution components and partner business models.

Partner Community

Private workspace for partners to meet and collaborate, with e-learning courseware for sales team enablement.

Learning Workshops

A regular series of webinar classes showcasing new solutions, sales strategies and market insights.

Solution Innovation

Our Partner Accelerators cultivate a pipeline of innovative market solutions that offer new segment opportunities for MSPs.

Growing a Hyper-Scale Managed Service Provider

As the name suggests the MSP Business Builders program is intended as a holistic support service for Managed Service Providers.

This will include product research to identify high growth market opportunities, with business planning templates, peer learning and networking webinars, and an e-learning marketplace to provide an end-to-end pathway to adopt and sell these new partner solutions.

Industry Accelerators

The Channel Partners Network very proactively drives new business demand generation campaigns, tailored for industry and solution verticals.




Accelerators synthesize different combination of partner components and integrations to enable new market solutions.

These are directed towards new, high growth market opportunities and supported through an end-to-end GTM campaign.

Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) play a crucial role in helping organizations enhance their cybersecurity posture. 

Partner Strategies for Selling Microsoft Azure and 365 Services.

Unified Communications from a Managed Service Provider involves outsourcing communication services to a third-party provider.

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