Building Partner Ecosystems

Webinar Series

Transforming the technology channel from traditional distribution and reseller models to Partner Ecosystem Platforms.

March 2023

Event Agenda

Accelerating Channel Sales through Platform Marketplaces

From Zoom through Shopify to Atlassian and AWS, vendors are leveraging Ecosystem Platforms to build partner marketplaces.

This enables a powerful, dynamic business model where partners gain access to new customers, as a function of enhancing the value of the vendor’s platform offering and accelerating a network effect.

Ecosystem Business Models

Introducing and explaining the different types of Ecosystem Business Model that vendors can adopt.

Adapting Traditional Channels

How can vendors build on and adapt their existing channel programs towards an ecosystem model.

Role of PRM

Showcasing the enabling role of PRM vendors: Partner Relationship Management.



Allan Adler, Digital Bridge Partners

Creator of the GoToEcosystem Framework

Nicolas A. Duerr, futurebrains

Turning products into platforms, ecosystems and decentralized communities

Mary Shea, Outreach

VP Global Innovation Evangelist


Virtual Conference and Networking

Webinars provide best practice learning, delivered through a variety of formats including keynote webinar presentations and virtual classroom tutorials.

Events also feature social networking tools, so you can then also meet and connect with all the other attendees.

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