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The State of Partner Ops & Programs Report: Results + Key Takeaways

Analysis of Hubspot's report into Channel Tech strategy and recommendations.

Last year Hubspot commissioned and published the report: The State of Partner Ops & Programs – How To Implement Partner Led Growth.

The report consists of market insights on partner operations, programs and strategy, sourced from an impressive roster of partnership leaders.

It covers how organizations are managing partner programs, the biggest blockers to driving revenue from partnerships, how organizations are buying and using partner specific technology, and features advice from 10 executives from leading ecosystems, including the Chief Growth Officer of Xero, Head of Business Development at Asana, and the Head of Channel and Alliances at ZoomInfo.


Contributors to the report Kelly Sarabyn, Platform Ecosystem Advocate for Hubspot, and Asher Mathew, Head of Go To Market at DemandBase, recently joined Magentrix on a webinar to explore the key insights from the report.

From 12m:48s Kelly highlighted her standout points from the report, notably the shift from the traditional reseller model to one of ecosystems. Larger enterprises still operate a legacy, sales-centric approach of channel sales but smaller organizations are now much more focused on technology partnerships that favour co-innovation of new solutions.

At 22m:58s the host Paul Bird asks Asher about the role of Channel Tech in accelerating the success of partner programs. He responds by sharing his experiences of companies that invest in the tech too early quickly end up frustrated, when instead the first steps required are to establish the success and repeatability of programs and processes, and then apply the technology to automate those capabilities.

From 44m:30s Paul begins wrapping up the session, asking Kelly and Asher to share one key takeaway from the report: Kelly answers to say that looking at the different ways partners bring value and Asher recommends moving away from ad-hoc to programmatic allocation.

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