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How Partner Ecosystems Ate the Channel

Ecosystem guru Allan Adler shares key insights into how traditional channel partner models are evolving into Platforms, and how to take advantage of the trend.

Writing on Linkedin Allan Adler describes ‘How Partner Ecosystems Ate the Channel‘, providing critical insights into the evolution of partner strategy models.

As Managing Partner at Digital Bridge Partners, Chair of the Ecosystem Counsel at PartnerHacker and Executive Member of Partnership Leaders Allan is a stalwart of channel sales strategy and execution.

He describes how the emergence and dominance of SaaS has transformed the buyer experience and with it how the traditional IT channel model has needed to evolve, from partner types (ISV, VAR, MSP, SI, etc.) to partner functions, the component role they play as part of an overall ecosystem.

In this Linkedin article he articulates how integration between SaaS applications has elevated from an ad-hoc feature development process to being the single most important factor influencing buyer decisions, and therefore the product strategy should evolve accordingly and be driven by an Ecosystem Roadmap, a blueprint defining how your SaaS interoperates as part of a suite of many different apps.


Allan is the inventor of the GoToEcosystem model, a best practice program for adopting this next generation go to market strategy.

Speaking at Supernode 2022 he provides a comprehensive overview of the program, explaining how you can adopt the framework to reorganize and automate your processes and ultimately embed partnerships throughout your organization. You’ll learn how to approach each GTM team through a pointed maturity model lens to transform your organization.

In this presentation he explains the detail of the program, covering key insights including:

  • The Pathway to Your Platform Strategy.
  • Salesforce Ecosystem Platform Example.
  • Ecosystem Value Drivers.
  • Make Partner Assist Benefits and Governance Explicit.

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