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Azure Expert Managed Services Provider (MSP)

Partner Strategies for Selling Microsoft Azure and 365 Services.

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Azure Expert MSP is the Microsoft partner program for Managed Service Providers.

It’s intended to elevate existing partners to a heightened capability and status. You must already hold Solutions Partner for Data & AI, Solutions Partner for Digital & App Innovation, and Solutions Partner for Infrastructure status.

Their documentation explains in more detail the requirements and how to enroll, and that Azure Expert MSP partners earn an exclusive badge differentiating them from other Microsoft partners and gain top priority in the referral engine. They’re prioritized for co-sell engagements, receive support when developing new practices, and can attend exclusive events.

Azure MSP

In the feature video Pax8 share insights on Building an Azure MSP from the Ground Up. Join Kristen and subject matter expert Eliott Chandler for an illuminating video that takes you through the process of establishing an Azure-focused MSP business from scratch.

They cover crucial considerations such as setting the right foundation, understanding Azure’s ecosystem, and choosing the right services to offer, sharing tips and strategies for success and offering valuable advice on everything from pricing models to client acquisition.

Furthermore they dive into the unmissable events and industry gatherings that every aspiring Azure MSP should attend. Discover the networking opportunities, latest industry trends, and insights that can give your Azure MSP a competitive edge.

Microsoft 365

As well as the core Azure Cloud services partners can also address Microsoft 365 as part of their MSP portfolio.

In this CRN interview Microsoft exec Scott Manchester, VP of Windows 365 (W365) and Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) sets the scene, explaining that Microsoft solution providers continue to play a major role in bringing the vendor’s Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365 virtualization technology to customers, and recent innovations to the Microsoft virtual desktop stack should help them ride the growing Desktop-as-a-Service wave.

Example partners include Telcos, who complement their core telephony services with this strategy.

As Telcos typically specialize only in network services they often partner and co-brand with Cloud providers to offer these additional IT services. For example Orange partners with Microsoft, both for Azure value add and also as a 365 partner. Similarly Microsoft and Vodafone have signed a 10 year partnership to execute this same model.

MSP 360 provides this expert article on how to sell 365 as a managed service:

“Convincing clients to purchase Microsoft 365 from you as a managed service can also be challenging. Most customers know that they can obtain the platform directly from Microsoft if they wish. You must, therefore, overcome this sales objection by making clear to clients the extra value they will get by purchasing Microsoft 365 from you as a managed service. Keep reading for tips on how MSPs can optimize their sales strategy around Microsoft 365.”

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