Cloud Migration

Accelerator program for Microsoft partners, covering the full spectrum of Cloud services, including Azure and 365 apps.

Accelerator Guide

Comprehensive overview of this accelerator, covering the market opportunity, solution components and partner business models.

Partner Accelerators | Cloud Migration

Partner Accelerators bring together channel combinations that enable new, high value market-ready solutions.

Enabling the Future of Work

Although the Cloud trend has been underway for many years now, the migration opportunity is still massive. As CNBC reports in an interview with AWS CEO Adam Selipsky, only 10% of IT has moved to the Cloud thus far.

Market Research

Vantage reports the Cloud Migration market will grow from $92.4 Billion in 2021 to $340.7 Billion by 2028.

Solution Roadmap

Assemble a partner configuration that can address the full scope of migration strategy, audit and analysis, blueprint generation and services implementation.

Demand Generation Campaign

A marketing platform for publishing and showcasing migration expertise and partners, with powerful social sharing and SEO indexing tools. Large-scale PR and advertising campaign to promote portal, generate and process sales lead opportunities.

Join Partner Accelerator

Private team workspace for partners to meet and collaborate, with e-learning courseware for sales team enablement.

Industry Insights

Growth market, product strategy and selling insights explaining the revenue opportunity for partners.

AT&T had reached a point where the complexity of its IT environment was hampering its ability to respond quickly to new customer needs and market opportunities.

Microsoft offers a co-selling program and marketplace platform to maximize sales success for their partners.
Exploring the VDI Partner model options ranging from simple reselling of DaaS providers, through full MSP platform deployment scenarios for delivering service directly.

MSP Business Builder

Revenue Growth Strategies for Managed Service Providers

The accelerator forms one component part of our overall MSP Business Builder program.
As the name suggests the goal is to provide resources and support that helps MSPs grow their revenues and business.
The overall theme is ‘Growing a Hyperscale Managed Service Provider’ – Enable MSPs to massively grow their business by tapping into and aligning services that harness the exponential scaling of Cloud computing.
The program provides an ongoing schedule of thought leadership webinars and podcasts, and a library of e-learning and business plan templates.


Make meaningful connections with a unified solution for meetings, team chat, whiteboard, phone, and more.
Neat is a leading provider of innovative devices specifically designed for popular video conferencing platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams.
A comprehensive guide explaining how you can utilize Microsoft Teams for your telephony as well as your collaboration requirements.

We can design tailored channel campaigns for your sales organization.

Custom Campaign Services

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