Business Boosting

Channel Marketing

Services to produce inspiring online content, boost SEO rankings and generate sales leads


Channel Marketing

The CPN offers services and a powerful social marketing platform for showcasing and promoting your channel partner program.

Marketplace Catalogue

We add you to our Partner Marketplace, forming a part of the catalogue that is proactively promoted across the channel ecosystem to foster new partnerships.

Social SEO Content Marketing

To promote your partner program we write big impact expert articles, that both drive up your SEO ranking and are used to distribute widely across social media.


Podcasts and Webinars

Engaging Potential Partners
We can devise and fully manage a complete lead generation campaign, producing one or a series of webinars for prospect engagement, formulating a compelling agenda and recruiting VIP co-presenters.

Sales Playbooks

Each accelerator produces Sales Playbooks, e-learning courses on how to sell the products and solutions. Fast-track partner success by equipping them with the knowledge they need to start selling.

Assessment and Qualifications

Provide the structure for your channel program through exams and assessments required for authorized status. Issue certificates and 'gamify' learning to drive engagement and successful adoption.

Scale and Manage Training

Manage large-scale training requirements through automated learning paths and processes to set training reminders, re-enrollment dates and recertification timelines, and provide management reports on staff progress.

Solution Roadmap

Accelerators act as project forums for partner co-innovation of new market solutions, with tools to manage the product development life-cycle, and orchestrated through a bottom up and top down approach of:

Partner Synthesis

A capability-driven approach that forms new solutions simply through blending together the existing products of partners.

Industry Solutions

Solutions developed in response to well defined market opportunities, organized around vertical industry requirements for sectors such as Telecommunications, Government and Banking.

Join an existing Accelerator or sponsor a new one.

Accelerator Campaign Services

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