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Build a SaaS Affiliate Program with Everflow

PRM (Partner Relationship Management) applications can be used by SaaS companies to implement highly scalable digital selling models.

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In overly simplistic terms there are essentially two main types of PRM (Partner Relationship Management) applications.

There are those for enabling and managing a sales force, and those for online selling.

The first typically features tools like a partner portal, deal registration and sales playbooks for reseller teams to access and utilize, the second the technologies for enabling and tracking the flow of online business interactions, for digital partner scenarios such as e-commerce and content & ad networks.


An example of a vendor in the second category is Everflow.

Their platform enables tracking of a suite of digital activities, such as links, impressions and QR codes, and from these build a deep understanding of the performance of campaigns, with tools to tie all this together including integrations with third party apps, for example Everflow links in with Hubspot, and the technology manages with the nuances and challenges of digital selling, such as dealing with ‘coupon poaching‘.

One of the core business models employed in this scenario are affiliate programs, and in this blog they describe how to set one up for a SaaS company.

Of course when we say SaaS we typically think of web applications like CRM, but really we’re talking about a general category of online services, that can encompass a very wide spectrum of digital business models, those typically satisfied through some form of subscription.

Two Everflow case studies powerfully illustrate the approach.

The feature video accompanies this case study, which explains how Fanatics implemented a hugely successful affiliate program. Fanatics is building the leading global digital sports platform, complete with offerings including e-commerce and licensed merchandise, physical and digital trading cards and collectibles, and online sports betting and iGaming.

Another excellent example is this case study, where Everflow describe how Dutch bank Bunq is using their technology to power their ‘Invite a Friend‘ campaign. In less than six months, 300 new relevant affiliates joined the Bunq affiliate program and generated thousands of new user registrations.

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