Partner Services

Growing Global Sales for Channel Partners

The core goal of the Channel Partners Network is to grow sales for our members, achieved through our collaborative platform and acceleration support services.

Build an ideal partner profile and target list of contacts.

Set up and execute engagement campaign.

Identify shared growth markets & develop GTM action plan.


Business Plan

Your ideal channel model could be as simple as expanding into new global regions, or a more sophisticated evolution that transforms your sales strategy in new ways.

Solution Innovation

A powerful building block is working with partners to co-develop new solutions, that embed your products into a larger capability and opens up new markets.

Digital Business Models

From affiliate schemes to ambassador programs 'PRM' (Partner Relationship Management) technologies can enable dynamic new digitized channel models.


Digital Marketing

Engaging Potential Partners

The CPN operates a powerful content marketing platform that can enable compelling engagement campaigns, including expert articles, webinars and online community. 

We can devise and produce an end-to-end campaign that showcases your program across multiple channels and drives lead recruitment. 

Contact us for an initial strategy review and outline channel plan.

Channel Campaign Services

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