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An EUC Power Play Combination: Rimo, Nerdio and Liquidware

Rimo3 announces integration with Liquidware FlexApp One, Microsoft Windows Package Manager (WPM), and enhanced support for Nerdio Manager for Enterprises (NME).

As they announce here, Rimo3 now integrates with Liquidware FlexApp One and Nerdio Manager for Enterprise.

This combination offer a power play combination for the channel.

Individually they provide the component parts of managing and delivering end user computing capabilities, and together offer an integrated suite for addressing it wholesale:

  • Rimo3 provides a solution for modernizing legacy Windows applications.
  • Liquidware enables the delivery of Windows applications.
  • Nerdio’s platform enables the automation and management of Azure Virtual Desktops.

This is a logical and powerful synthesis. Enterprise organizations considering a move to AVD may also have to address their out of date legacy Windows applications, undertaking a modernization to the new MSIX App Attach format.

Therefore an integrated vendor offering that maps entirely to the full scope of work and functionality required to adopt AVD at enterprise scale is a very compelling proposition for potential customers and thus channel partners seeking to service that demand.

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As our Lloyds Bank case study describes

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