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Accelerate AWS Co-selling with Workspan

Best practices and vendor solutions for collaboratively co-selling with AWS.

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Workspan is a PRM vendor who specializes in enabling co-selling partner ecosystems.

Partnership and Sales teams use WorkSpan’s secure SaaS solution to collaborate with partners on deals, exchange co-sell referrals from inside their CRM, manage shared pipeline, and track performance on a live dashboard.

AWS Co-selling

Working with hyper-scale providers like AWS is a keynote use case, where a critical success factor for AWS partners is leveraging the AWS sales force to gain access to new account opportunities and collaborate with them on customer deals.

As described in this previous blog: Accelerate Your Software Co-Selling Flywheel with AWS, an expert panel shares insights and best practices on how best to manage this activity and achieve significant outcomes.

They highlight that the primary program and tools that AWS utilize is ‘ACE‘ (APN Customer Engagements), and one key feature of Workspan is their integration that enables seamless opportunity synchronization between your sales CRM and this system.

WorkSpan provides a SaaS platform for efficiently managing your co-sell business with AWS, helping you automate and streamline co-sell processes so you can increase your referral volume with AWS, accelerate deal cycles, and scale your co-sell business with speed.

Features include:

  • Create, share and receive referrals between your CRM and AWS ACE.
  • Launch the AWS co-sell deals in AWS ACE from within your CRM.
  • Define criteria to automate referral creation in your CRM to share with AWS ACE.
  • Link incoming referrals to existing opportunities in your CRM.
  • Map and set field values for better sync between AWS ACE and your CRM.
  • Collaborate with the full deal team at your company and AWS field to win together.
  • Updates to opportunities like deal value, sales stage changes, etc are synced to your CRM.
  • Make updates, add comments and tasks for your partner AEs.
  • Receive updates, comments, and tasks for referrals shared by AWS inside your CRM.
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